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MOTU Track16 Desktop lydkort

USB2/FW Lydkort med 16 inn/14 ut+MIDI

Varenr: Motu Track16
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Motu Track16
- et gjennomført lekkert lydkort både for øyne og ører.
Track16 er bygget på prinsippene enkel operasjon, elegant utseende og profesjonell lyd med studiokvalitet. Den har hybridtilkobling med både Firewire og USB. Det er 16 separate innganger og 14 separate utganger som er tilgjengelige med en medfølgende breakout-kabel.
Innebygget digitalmikser med følgende inn- og utganger:
• Innebygget digital mikser med klassisk romklang, "analog" EQ, Compressor
• Alle I/O er digitalt styrbare via knappene på panelet eller via medfølgende QueMix FX software for Mac/PC
• To XLR mikrofoninnganger med 48V phantom-matning og -20dB dempning
• To Jack Hi-Z gitarinnganger
• 2 stereo par linjeinnganger 2 TRS Jack (valbar -10dB eller +4dB nivå) og Stereo minijack inn  
• 2 stereo Jack TRS utganger for monitorer eller sends med stor fleksibilitet 
• MIDI inn og ut
• 2 hodetelefonutganger med separate volumkontroller
• 8 kanaler ADAT optisk I/O for tilkobling av eksterne AD/DA eller digitalt utstyr
Eight separate stereo mixes - Dial up a separate mix for each output pair
The Track16 mixer takes signals from its 16 inputs (eight stereo) and mixes them to an output pair, such as the main outs. You control the volume of each input. Better yet, you can adjust input volumes differently for each output pair. In other words, each output pair can have its own unique mix. For example, you might create a balanced mix going to your PA via the main outs, but bring up the guitar for the mix going to your stage monitors via the line outs, so you can easily monitor your guitar sound. You get a separate mix for main outs, line outs, optical digital outs, and phones.
Control room monitoring - Talkback and listenback
CueMix provides Talkback and Listenback features. Talkback allows an engineer in the control room to temporarily dim all audio and talk to musicians in the live room. Conversely, Listenback allows musicians to talk to the control room. For Talkback, you can set up a dedicated mic in your control room and connect it to a mic input on your interface. For Listenback, you can use one of the recording mics in the live room or you can set up a dedicated listenback mic for the musicians and connect it to a spare mic input.
Comprehensive metering - Get a bird's-eye view of all busses at one glance
Signal activity of all inputs, busses and outputs can be monitored via the meters pane. In addition to the meters present on individual channels, a high-resolution meter and output bus activity associated with that channel can be displayed in the primary status window.
Direct SMPTE time code sync - No separate synchronizer required
You can resolve the Track16 directly to SMPTE time code, without a dedicated synchronizer, via any analog input. The Track16 employs DDS, a DSP-driven phase-lock engine with sophisticated filtering that provides fast lockup times and sub-frame accuracy. The included SMPTE Console™ software (for Mac OS X and Windows) provides a complete set of tools to generate SMPTE for striping, regenerating or slaving other devices to the computer. Like CueMix, the synchronization features are cross-platform and compatible with all audio sequencer software that supports the ASIO2 sample-accurate sync protocol.
Instrument Tuner - Accurately tune guitars and other instruments
Just open the Tuner window, play a note, and use the large graphic display to get in tune with an accuracy of one 10th of a cent (one 1,000th of a semi-tone). Being in tune has never been easier. The Tuner displays the detected note by frequency (in Hertz), note name and octave, with an adjustable reference frequency for A4 between 400 and 480 Hz. The large meter gives you a clear indication of how high or low you are from the detected pitch. Large red arrows direct you up or down as needed to zero in on the correct pitch. You can even tune phase-coherent stereo signals. The CueMix Tuner is as advanced and accurate as any dedicated hardware tuner out there.
FFT display - Visualize your frequency content
Visually monitor the frequency content of your music or other audio material as it plays. The CueMix software superimposes a Fast Fourier Transform directly on the spectrogram display so that you can see the relationship between the two for the audio material being monitored.
Spectrogram "waterfall" - A cascade of information — in vivid color
Observe rich, detailed visual information about the frequency content of any signal or mix. You can expand the spectrogram to fill the entire resizable CueMix on-screen window. You can also combine the spectrogram with the FFT in the same display, as shown below, or separate them to view them individually but simultaneously.
X-Y Plot - Check phase alignment with visual clarity
The X-Y Plot window graphs a stereo signal on a standard grid with left-channel amplitude on the x-axis and right-channel amplitude on the y-axis. Stereo material that is said to be "in polarity" (i.e., phase aligned) appears along the x = y axis. Stereo material that has phase problems will appear along the x = -y axis meaning the signal will appear predominantly in the upper left and lower right of the display.
Phase Analysis - Check for phase cancellation when summing to mono
In the polar view, the radius represents frequency and the angle (theta) from the +y vertical axis represents the phase difference of left channel minus the right channel. Stereo audio that is generally in phase will appear along the +y axis (above the center point). The more the audio signal "tips" to the left or right, the more out of polarity it is. The Phase Analysis window graphs frequency versus phase difference versus amplitude of a stereo signal on either rectangular or polar coordinates.
Oscilloscope - This is not your grandpa’s oscilloscope…
CueMix’s oscilloscope delivers a robust feature set combined with digital precision. You can choose among several different displays for stereo signals, including combined or split screen. The oscilloscope can be used for a variety of daily studio tasks, such as analyzing and comparing harmonic content, closely inspecting transients such as drum hits, comparing timing between two signals, and performing clip detection.

AudioDesk 3 - Advanced workstation software for Mac OS X
AudioDesk provides advanced recording, editing, mixing, processing, and mastering. AudioDesk delivers the power of modern digital audio workstation technology in an easy-to-use, inspiring multitrack recording experience. Together, AudioDesk and the Track16 transform your computer desktop into a complete, professional recording studio.
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