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Merging Horus Base Unit Ravena Interface

MADI og 24 AES I/O, 44.1kHz-384kHz

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Merging Horus Base Unit – Ravenna Interface
Using Ravenna technology, Horus brings to the table the possibility to interconnect your entire facility using nothing more than a standard RJ45 connector. Once in Ravenna mode, the Horus box simply becomes a node on a network, one that can be instantly called to be an input, an output, or a combination of both. Whether you are in broadcast, TV and film, CD/SACD mastering, studio or live music recording, live events, theatres, museums, cruise ships, or any industry where you need audio to get from A to B (or A to B and C, or C to A and part of D, E, and F!).
Using standard network connections, switches and connectors, Horus and other Ravenna-enabled devices can be placed on a network and interconnected IN ANY WAY YOU CAN IMAGINE.
• Up to 24 World Class Mic Preamps in a 2U chassis
• Remote controllable gain over Ethernet
• Integrated control and routing with the Pyramix Mixer interface
• 24 AD/DA converters capable of samplerates from 44.1 to 384kHz DXD/DSD
• Low Power "Green" build perfect for power conscious installations
• Auto-Mute circuitry for power cycling click prevention
• Comes standard with 1xMADI, 24xAES and Ravenna I/O
• Sync (LTC/MIDI/RS422) over Ethernet
• Front panel touch-screen interface for local control over routing/gains/sync
The Base Unit
The Horus Base unit comprises of everything you will ever need for a digital audio workflow. Add to that its Ravenna I/O connection and you have the perfect MassCore setup.
The Option Cards
Separate input and output cards allow you to customize your interface to exactly what you need for each application. Choose from standard, 192kHz capable or extended use DXD/DSD capable Inputs and outputs to make sure you capture every sound with the greatest accuracy.
AD8/AD8P Module
• 8 Mic/line inputs on DSUB with breakout XLR
• remote pre amp gain control over Ethernet
• Individual phantom power on all inputs
• Low power,  Green design for low heat and low power consumption
• AD8: 44.1kHz – 192kHz
• AD8P:44.1kHz – 384kHz(DXD) and DSD
DA8/DA8P Module
• 123dB Signal to noise ratio (SNR)
• Power up/power down auto-mutes (speaker protection)
• Assignable Line up levels
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