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Merging Hapi Base Unit Ravena Interface

Ravenna AES67, 8 AES I/O, 44.1kHz-384kHz

Varenr: HAPI Base unit
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Merging Hapi Base Unit – Ravenna/AES67 Audio Interface
Meet HAPI, the son of Horus. Born from the most flexible and sonically transparent audio interface and providing the same RAVENNA / AES67 connectivity as its father, HAPI is both the perfect primary interface for smaller systems as well as the ultimate accessory for a system using Horus where control room I/O is required. Able to carry the same AD8D/AD8DP and DA8/DA8P analog cards that fit in the Horus option slots and connect to any RAVENNA or AES67 network the HAPI provides a more cost effective solution than the Horus without having to make a single compromise in quality.
All units come with:
  • 8 channels of AES/EBU I/O
  • 8 channels of ADAT or 2 channels of SPDIF I/O
  • Stereo Headphone Outputs
  • RAVENNA - AES67 Connectivity
  • Wordclock I/O
  • Timecode & Sync (LTC/Video Ref)
Alternative I/O options:
  • HAPI 16|18 Digital only
  • HAPI 24|26 8 Mic/Line Analog In + 8 Analog Out
  • HAPI 16|26 8 Analog Outputs
  • HAPI 24|18 8 Mic/Line Inputs
  • HAPI 32|18 16 Mic/Line Inputs
  • HAPI 16|34 16 Analog Outputs
  • HAPI 80| 90 64 MADI Coaxial/Optical + 8 Analog Out
  • HAPI 144|146 128 MADI Coaxial/Optical
The new CoreAudio driver opens Hapi and Horus to the Mac user for the first time
The well proven ASIO driver lets Hapi be used with any PC software
DC input as well as AC offers portability options as well as redundancy with suitable AC adapter
RAVENNA/AES67 performance as with Horus. Multi-unit functionality with full control via the network
On-board display options - menu driven by rotary encoder and browser based remote access
Dual size headphone sockets
The coolest logo and the most marketable name in the pro-audio space
Horus Quality, Hapi size.
Able to hold both the standard and premium analog cards from the Horus means that Hapi owners get the exact same sound that Horus users have been winning awards with for almost 2 years now.
Using RAVENNA (AES67 compatible), Hapi is able to provide flexible connectivity of every single input and output across standard networks, using off-the-shelf network equipment. The future is most definitely networked audio, and Hapi provides it today.
Complete Control over LAN
Hapi is designed to fit into hard to reach places. So, Hapi comes with the same web-browser based control interface allowing any web-enabled device to access all the parameters of each Hapi unit over the network.
Synchronize your Network
Hapi can be synchronized to video input (black burst or trilevel HD), word clock, network (PTP), AES-EBU, ADAT, SPDIF, MADI or internal clock. It can also serve as network grandmaster (PTP).
The Perfect Solution for:
Control Room I/O for RAVENNA Studios
When Horus is doing the heavy lifting in the live room, let Hapi be the perfect complement to your RAVENNA or AES67 connected control room by providing pristine talkback and multichannel speaker outputs.
3rd Party Workstations Welcome
Mac or PC, users now have access to one of the most sonically impressive mic preamps and ADDA interfaces the audio industry has ever seen. Using dedicated RAVENNA/AES67 drivers, users of any software on either the Mac or PC platform are able to use Hapi as their I/O solution.
Small I/O Stage Box
For recording setups where smaller amounts of inputs or outputs are needed in a variety of locations around the room, Hapi provides a cost-effective solution with mind-blowing results.
The Ultimate Mastering Interface
With analog option cards that match a level of quality never heard of before (no pun intended) and one of the only converters ever to be known for “not having a sound at all”, Hapi is able to provide just the right amount of I/O without pushing budgets too far.
Post-Production I/O
The perfect post interface has arrived. Just enough analog and digital I/O and a comprehensive set of referenced sync options including LTC/MTC and video reference, all connected using nothing more than a simple CAT5E/CAT6 cable. And, matched with the IRIS Networked Post System, Hapi provides a professional I/O solution for the truly networked post studio.
Installation AV with Ovation
Match the power of Merging’s multichannel audio and show sequencer with Hapi units placed strategically around the installation to provide the ultimate flexibility in creative AV.
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