Lynx LT-HD2 ProTools I/O kort

HD/HDX DigiLink kort for Aurora(n)

Varenr: LT-HD2
Fjernlager ca (13 dager)

Lynx Studio Technology has announced a new version of the LT-HD interface card.  The LT-HD2 is specifically designed for the Aurora(n) range of converter/interfaces. The LT-HD2 takes advantage of the new SychroLock 2™ clock and additional FPGA resources of the Aurora(n) to provide better stability in the ProTools|HD environment while supporting longer cable lengths.  The LT-HD2 card allows the Aurora(n) to emulate the interface characteristics of the Avid HD I/O converter, allowing seamless operation with Avid systems including HDX and HD Native.
The LT-HD2 is not compatible with the classic Aurora (silver) or Hilo

Thousands of studios worldwide have adopted Lynx converters as their standard, for its pristine audio quality, versatility and value. This updated LT-HD2 card gives even more versatility to the Aurora(n) platform.

The LT-HD2 allows Lynx converters to be used in all current ProTools|HD systems. Connected via mini-Digilink cables to HD Core, Accel Core, HDX or Native cards, Pro Tools recognizes the Aurora(n) converter and controls all input and output functions, clocking, routing and other settings. One LT-HD2 equipped Aurora 16-HD2 paired with an LM-DIG can provide up to 32 channels of analog to digital and digital to analog conversion.

This is a truly plug and play system. LT-HD2’s hardware and on-board software streamlines ProTools set-up, bringing Aurora(n)’s audio quality and channel count to the ProTools system. LT-HD2 provides signal latency identical to that of the Avid converter for accurate delay compensation within ProTools – no manual delay adjustments are required.

The LT-HD2 contains one Primary and one Expansion mini-DigiLink port. Aurora supports full channel count at sample rates up to 192 kHz. You do not lose half of your channels at higher sample rates and you do not need to purchase additional expensive modules for full channel counts. ProTools users can now benefit from Lynx’s exclusive SynchroLock 2™ word clock for very low jitter and low distortion of digital signals.

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