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Direct Out SG.MADI SoundGrid Interface

SG converter, 2x Preamp MADI opsjoner

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DirectOut SG.MADI SoundGrid Converter

SG.MADI is a SoundGrid / MADI converter linking Waves SoundGrid® and MADI (AES10), offering extra features tailored for broadcast, live and studio applications. Housed in a robust 1U 19“ casing it makes economical use of valued rack space.

SoundGrid® is a layer2-based network protocol offered by Waves for Audio-over-Ethernet networking and real-time processing solutions for live, broadcast and music production facilities, using SoundGrid® technology to deliver uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over Ethernet networks.

Quick overview
The front panel provides status LEDs for sync, sample rate and level metering of the microphone inputs.

Analog I/Os allow for immediate interfacing with the network audio and the MADI signal:

  • 2 x microphone inputs with switchable PAD and phantom power
  • 2 x balanced line outputs
  • 1 x headphone output


SoundGrid® includes drivers for Windows® (ASIO) and macOS® (Core Audio). Thanks to SG.MADI’s integrated switch two computers can be connected to the device at the same time for redundant recording setups.


All-Round Functionality
SG.MADI offers highest flexibility as it provides two module based MADI ports. The customer may choose from modules of three different interface types:

  • optical SC (single-mode or multi-mode)
  • coaxial (BNC)
  • SFP

The Small Form Factor Pluggable cage can be fitted with any SFP module suitable for the customer’s application.

Control signals
Two GPIs allow for integration of control signals via the network or MADI link.

Two GPOs may be configured individually in order to monitor critical system events or to trigger a recording light.

Selectable clock sources are word clock, MADI, SoundGrid®  or the internal clock. The current system clock is provided at the word clock output at any time.

SG.MADI meets a rich set of challenging applications:

  • multi-stage venues connecting MADI and SoundGrid® consoles
  • monitoring SoundGrid® and MADI signals
  • inserting SoundGrid® DSP Server with Waves plug-ins into a MADI environment
  • integrating outboard equipment and DAWs to a SoundGrid® environment
  • remote control of external components via SoundGrid® / MADI
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