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Direct Out Montone.42 MADI AoIP bridge

(RAVENNA/ AES67, ST 2110-30, ST 2022-7)

Varenr: DORAV0837
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DirectOut MONTONE.42, MADI til Ravenna lyd over IP bridge

MONTONE.42 is MADI (AES10) to Audio-over-IP bridge based on RAVENNA audio networking technology and supporting AES67 and SMPTE ST2110-30. As the demand for Ethernet-based transmissions in professional audio environments increases, MONTONE.42 provides seamless integration of network audio with existing infrastructures.
Equipped with four MADI and two gigabit network ports, it serves as a versatile link for broadcast, live-sound and studio applications.

A significant update to DirectOut Technologies' MONTONE.42 format converter adds new capabilities with support for the SMPTE standard ST 2022-7 (stream redundancy).

MONTONE.42 is an AES67-compliant converter that bridges MADI (AES10) and RAVENNA Audio-over-IP technology. With the arrival of the new firmware, it now supports the SMPTE standard ST 2022-7, which describes Seamless Protection Switching between two RTP audio streams. As one of the first manufacturers to implement ST 2022-7, DirectOut offers customers an indispensable increase in transmission security for audio signals in IP networks. Additionally, the two network interfaces - which are now independently configurable - offer the possibility of operating audio streaming and device control in separate networks.

The current upgrade of MONTONE.42 marks a further milestone in the ongoing development of the MONTONE.42 format converter since its launch two-and-a-half years ago. In 2017, the company added a new, intuitive and HTML-based GUI and the ANEMAN plug-in for network management and support of ST 2110-30 and ST 2059-2 to the feature set.

Powerful networking, seamless interoperability
MONTONE.42 integrates RAVENNA networking technology. RAVENNA is a solution for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments that offers outstanding features in terms of timing accuracy and scalability.
It is also fully AES67-compliant (the interoperability standard from AES) for seamless compatibility with other AoIP devices. MONTONE.42 offers both an AES67 profile for straightforward network integration and RAVENNA profiles for more demanding applications requiring high performance transmission at minimum latency.

MONTONE.42 can be synchronized to MADI input, word clock, video reference, network (PTP) or internal clock. The device may also serve as a network grandmaster. The achieved clock accuracy complies with AES11 throughout the whole network.

All-Round Functionality
MONTONE.42 offers highest flexibility as it provides three interface standards for MADI:

  • optical SC (single-mode or multi-mode)
  • coaxial (BNC)
  • SFP

The Small Form Factor Pluggable cage can be fitted with any SFP module suitable for the customer’s application. The configuration of MADI I/Os can be defined individually at order.

Assemble up to 32 streams with an individual number of audio channels from the MADI inputs via the integrated routing matrix. Subscribe to another 32 streams and convert the incoming audio channels to MADI.
256 channels are supported even at higher sample rates (96 kHz).

Remote control
An integrated webserver provides access via web browser through the network interface to configure network streams, audio routing and all device settings.
Basic settings are also adjustable via a local interface on the front panel.

The MADI inputs can be configured as redundant inputs with automatic fail-over switching.

Safe operation
Thanks to two phase-redundant power supplies with separate IEC inlets and AC power switches on the rear panel the device offers the highest reliability.

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