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AVID HD SYNC Interface

Syncronizer og klokke for HD Native/ HDX

Varenr: 9900-38924-40
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Avid HD SYNC interface for HD Native og HDX
Keep even your largest Pro Tools|HD and audio-video productions in total sync. SYNC HD attains near sample-accurate lock to serial timecode (through RS-422), LTC, or bi-phase/tach signals, incorporating a high-fidelity, low-jitter master Word Clock that supports operations up to 192 kHz, as well as standard pull-up/pull-down rates for film and video applications.
SYNC HD also features AES/EBU clock I/O, SD and HD video reference in/thru, video program in/out with timecode window inserter, and a host of other features, making it a must have for Pro Tools|HD professionals in commercial music and post-production facilities.
High-fidelity, low-jitter master clock
Near sample-accurate lock to timecode or bi-phase signals
Word Clock I/O up to 192 kHz capable
Supports all major industry-standard clock sources and timecode formats
Supports SD and HD video reference input (tri-level sync) up to 1080p / 60 fps
Supports standard pull-up/pull-down rates for film/video
Video input with timecode window inserter
•Width: 48.26 cm
•Height:  4.45 cm
•Depth: 26.99 cm
•Weight:  3.54 kg
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