Artnovion Tua Vocal Booth I

Mobile vocal booth

Varenr: Tua Vocal Booth I
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A true portable solution. 

Artnovion Vocal Booths are designed to improve vocal recordings, either in studio or in the comfort of your own home.  

As all microphone pickup patterns are three-dimensional, creating an enclosed, fully treated environment is the only way to guarantee against reflection distortion.  Artnovion Vocal Booths are the ultimate solution for recording - Irregardless  of the surroundings, they guarantee a uniform, crisp sound. Composed from a selection of Artnovion Absorbers and Mobile Walls, the vocal booths are an adaptable, mobile structure - and can be customised to best fit your space - Not only easily and quickly assembled (without the need of any power tools), but also easily transported. To not isolate you from your environment - or band members - the booths are fitted with viewing windows. 


Available in two standard sizes, in Agad or Tua panels.
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