Artnovion FixArt Tube Double Plastic

M6 1170 mm Plastic | 8 un

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FixArt Tube

Versatile panel mounting

Artnovion Fixart range brings versatile solutions for panel mounting. With the customer in mind, we developed a reliable, simple, universal system to install panels. FixArt Tube is a innovative system for acoustic panels. Easy to install, easy to align, Simply follow our template and attach the clip fixture to your surface, and then to the corners of your panel, clip them both into the tube, and you're done! With easy adjustment once mounted, and an easy clip-in, clip-out. Changing your panel design around has never been easier. Also, FixArt Tube creates an air cavity behind your panels, accommodating wall mounting utilizes such as pipes and wires and increasing the panels performance. Provides a solid, level installation independent of the quality of your surface. Allows for installation on walls, ceilings, slopes or corners. Now any surface can provide acoustic treatment. Usable with all foam backed panels.



When using FixArt tube on the ceiling, it is obligatory to use the FixArt lock security device. This systems guarantees a safe and precise installation. Artnovion is not liable for any damage caused by improper use of FixArt Tube.


FixArt Tube M6 1170 mm Plastic:

  - 8 tubes per box + 64 plastic clips ;  ( tube length 1170 mm )   

  - Installs 8 panels  |   Box size: 1200x128x100mm



Retail code: 00400000040022


EAN 13: 5600449593153

Dimensions: 0x0x0mm

Weight: 0.0Kg


Units per box: 8

Dimensions: 1210x130x105mm

Weight: 2.24Kg

Volume: 0.017m3


This box contains 8 tubes, 64 plastic clips, 32 metal adjusters, M6x20 screws (for panel use), 32mm screws (for wall use) and a paper template. This product is only compatible with panels with screw thread receivers.


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