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Vicoustic VicTotem Light Brown - 87A

Highend mobil absorbent

Varenr: U02485
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Mobil tre-delt absorbent som kan roteres for å få ønsket konfigurasjon.
VicTotem kan fåes i 5 forskjellige trefarger i kombinasjon med 8 forskjellige tekstilfarger.
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VicTotem represents a new and revolutionary solution for acoustic treatment. VicTotem is a free standing, variable acoustic treatment product which can provide absorption, diffusion and bass management and any mix thereof in one and the same product. It can be placed freely in any room, in any combinations and it can be repositioned and changed for different acoustic environments. It is also a fantastic product for demo rooms, roadshows, clinics and trade shows.

For Hifi and home cinema users, it is an incredible flexible system that can change with upgrades to your system and can be adapted to new needs. For commercial studios and project studios it offers the most versatile and flexible system available - freely movable between recording rooms and mixing situations.

VicTotem is designed with the craftsmanship of Vicoustic in terms of wood and fire-resistant fabrics combined with our new core material PET. The product is available in a wide range of colours and wood finish to fit any room and space.

Although the product is primarily designed to be free-standing, wall and ceiling fixations for VicTotem are available as well. An extra module for added height is also available.


Main Info

Dimensions: 1845 x 595 x 366 mm | 72.6'' x 23.4'' x 14.4''
Scratch Resistance: No
Washable: No


Functionality: Absorption, Diffusion, Bass Trap
Absorption Frequency: Low to High frequencies absorption
Alpha with Shape Indicators:
Fire Class European (EN): TBD


Modules Per Box: 3
Box Dimensions: 915 x 615 x 705 mm | 36.0'' x 24.2'' x 27.8''
Box Weight: 21.5 Kg | 47.3 lbs
Box Volume: 0,40 m3 |12.9 ft3

Raw Materials

Material: VicPET Wool, Vicycle Fabric and Wood
Fabric Type: Microsuede
Foam Type: PET Wool


Wood Color: Wenge // White // Nordic // Light Brown // Cherry 

Fabric Color: Black // Grey // Bordeaux // Beige // Natural White // Brown // Blue // Orange

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