Vicoustic VicBooth Premium

1970 x 1970 x 2080 mm

Varenr: U02369
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Doorless, portable, and affordable acoustic booth with wood structure and window. VicBooth Premium is a new and revolutionary system that allows you to minimize the sound propagation from you to the world.

VicBooth Premium is a unique, portable and inexpensive system that can be setup in minutes. Covered in natural wood from the outside, fire-retardant fabrics and acoustic foam. Because it has no door and includes a window, it's ideal for isolation in great style.

The structure is built with premium materials for a more pleasant look and better isolation. Ideal for voice-over and instrument practice without bothering your neighbours.


Main Info

Dimensions: 1970 x 1970 x 2080 mm 
Useful Area: 2,1 m2 
Scratch Resistance: No
Washable: No


Functionality: Absorption
Absorption Frequency: Broadband Absorption
Fire Class European (EN): Euroclass E


Units per Package (5 Boxes): 1
Pallet Dimensions: Box 1, 2 3 and 4 - 2060 x 650 x 400 (mm) . Box 5/5 - 2150 x 740 x 310 (mm) 
Total Weight: 141kg
Total Volume: 3,12 m3

Raw Materials

Material: Foam, Fabric and Wood
Fabric Type: Microsuede
Foam Type: M1 
Wood Type: MDF


Fabric Color: Beige
Wood Color: Wenge

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