Vicoustic Flexi Screen Ultra

Absorberende skjerm for mic

Varenr: U00007
Fjernlager ca (42 dager)
Absorberende skjerm for mikrofon, i akustisk skum og skjerm av treverk.
Godt egnet for vokalopptak der man ønsker å skjerme mot støy distansere seg fra reflekser og akustikk i rom.
God skjermingsgrad.

Flexi Screen Ultra
Flexi Screen Ultra is the ideal portable solution for vocal recording in untreated rooms, or places which lack sufficient acoustic control. It performs on untreated and scattered room reflections, effectively isolating the sound source.
Flexi Screen Ultra is made from high quality materials. Its polyurethane structure is designed to give maximum absorption efficiency. The addition of wood to the exterior surface helps create a barrier and gives an attractive visual effect. The singer's energy is absorbed on the inside of the unit, producing a dryer, less ambient sound. At the same time, scattered room reflections are treated on the outside.
Flexi Screen Ultra can be used with a range of microphones and can be adjusted either horizontally or vertically.
Product Technical Information:
Material – Acoustic Foam and Wood
Colour – Charcoal Grey and Light Brown (wood)
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