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Vicoustic Flexi Kick Drum

Lydmatte for basstromme, tilpassbar

Varenr: B00170
Leveringstid fra fjernlager (40 dager)
Panel for basstromme, 1 stk. 60x60x5,3cm
Gir mer kontroll i lyden i basstrommen, spesielt ved oppmikking.

Flexi Kick Drum is the ideal solution for hassle-free acoustic control of kick drums. The flexible foam panel fits inside the drum, acoustically dampening the internal reflections from its shell, while physically dampening any additional harmonics from the drum’s front and rear skins. The panel’s density and multi-cavity design help create the right attack and control the sound of the kick drum without compromising its character.
Flexi Kick Drum is designed to fit any size of bass drum. Simply follow the supplied diagram and instructions for cutting the foam according to the required size. The whole process takes a matter of minutes!
Material: Foam
Fire Rating: M1
Installation: Adhesive Flexi Glue
Color: Charcoal Grey
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