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Athos Absorber

Athos is a high performance panel, designed to counteract reflections, concentrating on mid-high frequencies, while it's sleek surfaces and perforation also provide selective scattering over high frequencies, combining both effects in this distinct design. Available in a selection of lacquered and wood finishes, and in FG and FR+ Fire rates.
This striking panel is a prime example of signature Artnovion design.


Type:AbsorberAbsorption range: 250 Hz to 4000 HzAcoustic Class: C | (aw) = 0,7

Available fire rates:FG | Furniture Grade


Materials:- Natural wood | Lacquered HMDF- Marine grade plywood structural frame- Calibrated cell acoustic foam

Four M6 Screw Thread receiver included on each panel.


Recommended for

- Control Room
- Recording Room
- Home Studio
- Broadcast Studio
- Vocal Booth
- Drum Room



- Sweet spot sound field distribution
- RT reduction



FG - LW | 595x595x58mm

FG - NW | 595x595x58mm



When using FixArt Tube on the ceiling, it is obligatory to use the FixArt Lock security device. This system guarantees a safe and precise installation.

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