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YAMAHA Signal Conference Processor RM-CR

ADECIA, Network audio support for Dante

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Standard network audio support for Dante—all compatible devices can be connected with single network cable

Uses the Dante audio network standard for audio transmission between devices. Audio/control signals can be transmitted via a single network cable. The RM-CR Remote Conference Processor performs voice line settings and detailed adjustments automatically, which easily resolves several difficult problems associated with troublesome wiring, establishing network environments, and optimizing acoustics for each room environment.

    Power supply uses the PoE method, enabling power to be supplied via a network cable

    Power supply uses the PoE method. Together with the RM-CG Ceiling Array Microphone and Dante/PoE-compatible VXL Series Model P line array speakers, the RM-CR uses power supplied from the PoE-compatible SWR2311P-10G network switch via a network cable, sparing you any worry about compatibility with various devices.

      Automatically recognizes connected devices on the same network for audio routing

      All it takes is a click in your web browser. The setup wizard automatically performs audio routing in your system. This minimizes the enormous amount of time required for adjustment, and can be easily set without knowledge or experience of acoustics.

        Equipped with Auto Tuning functions to automatically measure and provide the optimum sound settings for the environment

        By automatically recognizing devices connected to the same network as the RM-CR, analyzing the acoustic environment of the room where it is installed and the state of any installed speakers, and automatically optimizing the parameters of signal processing technology, etc., the Auto Tuning function adjusts for optimum sound that makes hearing and speaking easy.

          Equipped with Auto Mixer functions to automatically optimize the mixing balance of audio input via Dante

          Equipped with Auto Mixer functions that allow you to select either gain-sharing type* or gate type, enabling input level balance to be actively adjusted from each microphone.

          *Gain-sharing type does not require complicated settings such as threshold level, attack time, or hold time.

            Equipped with various input/output connections such as USB, VoIP, analog, and Bluetooth, compatible with diverse applications

            Equipped with various interfaces such as USB, Bluetooth®, and audio input/output, the system can be used not only for web conferencing but also for other remote conferencing applications such as video conferencing and conference calls. As it’s compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, there are no restrictions on the web conferencing system used. Remote communication solutions can be constructed in combination with any OS, device, or teleconferencing system.

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