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YAMAHA Ceiling array Microphone RM-CG

ADECIA, Dante, Hvit

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Sound processing for high quality remote conferencing experience.

    Dynamic Voice Tracking

    The beams constantly scan, detect and follow human voice. No fixed beams allow for flexible room layout and participant positioning.

    Auto Tracking Beamformimg

    The four dynamic beams simultaneously track multiple people, allowing for lively conversations. With a narrow directivity of each beam, the system accurately captures speech while suppressing background noise, enabling a highly intelligible voice to the far end.

    Adaptive Echo Canceller

    While other echo canceller's measure the room and set levels once, Yamaha's adaptive echo cancellation is constantly scanning the environment for changes to deliver an uninterupted, echo-free audio stream.

    Automatic Gain Control

    This sound technology automatically adjusts voice levels to deliver a consistent, optimal volume level to the far-end, no matter if some voices are louder vs. wearker or closer vs. further away from the microphone. This automatic feature enables everyone to hear or be heard at an ideal level.

    Noise Reduction

    When constant noise like a projector fan or air conditioner system enters the communication space, Yamaha's Noise Reduction technology removes these components to clearly convey the presenter's audio to the far-end.


    Reverberation from an acousticaly-poor environment can make it difficult to distinguish a clear voice signal. Dereverberation suppresses these reverb components to deliver a highly-intelligible output.

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