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Steinberg UR44, 24 bit/192 kHz

USB audio and MIDI interface 4 inn og ut

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Steinberg UR 44
Striking the perfect balance between I/O connectivity and
portability while incorporating the latest audio technologies, the
UR44 is a flexible yet powerfully featured audio/MIDI interface
that provides all the capabilities needed for a huge range of
recording and production situations. The compact, full-metal
case houses four D-PRE mic preamps, six inputs, four output
channels and MIDI I/O ports, while additional advanced
features such as onboard DSP power and full iPad connectivity
are exemplary of an outstandingly flexible feature set equally
suited to studios, large rehearsal spaces, mobile recording
situations and home recording environments.
The Steinberg UR44 is a 6 in and 4 out USB 2.0 audio interface
featuring four great-sounding D-PRE microphone preamps and
dspMixFx providing DSP-powered latency free monitoring with
any DAW software.
The preamp is where sound creation begins in recording, and
ultimately determines the quality of your mix. D-PRE uses an
inverted Darlington circuit where a total of four transistors per
unit are used instead of the typical two. As a result, very low
distortion can be maintained regardless of the signal level. The
sonic integrity is incomparable in this class of audio interfaces
and sets the UR44 apart.
192 kHz
All components on the UR44 are carefully selected and
implemented for full resolution of high-end audio of up to 24-
bit/192 kHz. A higher sampling frequency means more samples
of the audio source, resulting in better reproduction of the
original sound, contributing to the naturalness of audio image
and ambience.
The dspMixFx technology is powered by Yamaha’s customdesigned
SSP2 DSP chip and offers latency-free monitoring
with the highly acclaimed REV-X reverb and the Sweet Spot
Morphing Channel Strip for users of any DAW software.
CC mode
The UR44 can be switched to the CC (Class Compliant) mode.
In this mode, the UR44 becomes compatible with the iPad (2 or
later) through Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit. With the
UR44 and an iOS audio application like Steinberg’s Cubasis
you can easily record six channels simultaneously.
Loopback function
The function is often used by hosts of Internet live streaming
programs. When the function is active, incoming audio signals
such as microphone, guitar or line source will be merged to
playback signal from audio playback software like Cubase or
other DAW program inside the computer, and the merged signal
send back to computer for streaming.
• 24-bit/192 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface
• 4 Class-A D-PRE mic preamps supporting +48 V phantom power
• 4 analog XLR/TRS combo inputs (mic/Hi-Z on input 1/2 and mic/line on input 3/4), 2 TRS line inputs
• 4 line outputs (TRS balanced), plus 2 main outputs L/R (TRS balanced)
• MIDI input and output
• 2 separate headphone buses with individual outputs
• Latency-free DSP powered monitoring with REV-X reverb, Sweet Spot Channel Strips and Guitar Amp Classics* with any DAW by using the latest dspMixFx technology, including Basic FX Suite VST plug-ins (*Available with the firmware version 2.0 or later)
• Rugged full-metal housing
• Includes Cubase AI DAW software download version
• Cross-platform compatibility for Windows, Mac OS X and iOS
• iPad connectivity thanks to CC mode (with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit)
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