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Round off your Sennheiser Tourguide System with the EK 2020-D receiver. Whether conferences, guided tours or hearing assistance: this extremely sturdy and versatile bodypack receiver provides excellent audio and ease of use for your guests. The EK 2020-D can be used with headphones or an induction neckloop for transmitting the sound to hearing aids equipped with a T coil. Digital transmission ensures optimum reception quality, with a range of up to 100 metres outdoors and around 50 metres indoors. The backlit receiver display shows all settings at a glance. Of course, the bodypack receiver can be used in mixed systems with stethoset receivers.

EK 2020-D: just right for everyone. All your guests need to do is connect their headphones or induction neckloop to the receiver. That's it! The receiver can conveniently be clipped to the shirt pocket or worn on a lanyard. When no signal is received, or when the headphones or neckloop are disconnected, the receiver will automatically switch off to save battery life. The operating time is up to 16 hours.


Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz)1,8 mV/Pa +- 2,5 dB
Impedancemin. 32 Ohm
Dimensions98 x 61 x 24 mm
Frequency response100 - 7000 Hz
THD, total harmonic distortion< 1 % at 10 mW
Weight78 g
Operating temperature0…50°C
Number of channels6 in parallel
Number of channels8 in parallel
Operating timeca. 16 h
Modulation2 FSK
Power supply1500 mAh, Lithium-Polymer
Headphone connectorMax. 10 mW /32 Ohm
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