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Heritage Audio OST6 500-Rack 6-slot

500 Serien rack, 6 slot, OST

Varenr: HA OST6
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Heritage Audio Heritage Audio OST6  500-serien rack

Featuring On Slot Technology, the OST-6 is able to deliver up to 1.8 Amp per rail, or a maximum of 400mA per rail per slot, whichever is reached first. Connections on the back are by means of gold plated XLRs.



Using multiple 500 Series modules from different manufacturers within the same enclosure is convenient and practical, but some issues become evident.

Having different pieces of equipment sharing the same power supply does not seem like a great idea, let alone the fact that they come from different manufacturers with different specifications, etc. Ground noises, hungry modules leaving others under specs… you name it.

On Slot Technology (OST) solves all the issues caused by sharing the enclosure by distributing power on a per-slot basis. Each slot has its own power supply linear regulator stages, which isolate each slot from the others and ensure each stays within the proper operating range.

Each slot has red and green LEDs so power status of the modules can easily be checked out. Whenever a faulty module begins to draw current in excess, its linear regulators switch off, leaving the rest of the slots unaffected.




As with the rest of Heritage´s line of enclosures, the OST-6 features a RAF blue grey heavy gauge steel chassis made in England. An aluminum handle makes it easy to carry on from studio to studio, or for live work




Additionally, a pair of custom designed rack ears come included in the package. The smart design makes assembling / disassembly of the same a matter of seconds.


  • 6 Available Spaces
  • Each Slot Has Own Linear Power Supply
  • Isolates Each Module From One Another
  • Test LEDs For Checking Power
  • 1.8 Amp per rail, or a maximum of 400mA per rail

  • Gold Plated XLR I/O
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Enclosure
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Rack ears come included 
  • Power: 400 mA per rail per slot
  • Phantom Power: Total Available: 80 mA             
  • 6x XLR-3F inputs - 6x XLR-3M outputs       


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