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dB Technologies VIO X205-100

2-veis active speaker, tour grade, fixed

Varenr: DBT-103010340
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VIO X205-100
VIO X205 is a 2-way speaker equipped with 2x5” (1” voice coil) and 1x1” driver (1.4” voice coil). The 400 W RMS DigiproG3 amplifier powers a cabinet able to deliver up to 126 dB despite its very compact dimensions: only 150x 485x240 mm (WxHxD). 
Advanced sound processing featuring Linear Phase FIR Filters allows VIO X205 to deliver an extremely coherent audio performance, standing out for its intelligibility and clarity from every listening position. On board presets let users adapt High Pass Filters to the chosen application. 
Keeping in mind the needs of the most demanding professionals, VIO X205 is available in 2 models featuring 2 different constant directivity horns allowing a 60°x60° (for VIO X205 60) or 100°x100° (for VIO X205 100) dispersion pattern. This means that each user will be able to choose the model that best fits his project as full-range PA, fixed installation, FOH monitoring, front-fill in large sound reinforcement systems, etc.  
Just like other cabinets in the VIO X family, 205 is enabled for real time monitoring and remote control via RDNet protocol and Aurora Net software (Windows and Mac).  
The cabinet is also provided with on board controls to set High Pass Filters as well as INPUT sensitivity.  
This solid wooden cabinet is reinforced with a polyurea finish and features M10 threaded nuts on top and bottom allowing installation with accessories WB-VIOX205 H (horizontal bracket) or WB-VIOX205 V (vertical bracket). The cabinet can be easily installed on pole thanks to SA-VIOX205 pole mount adaptor (35mm) allowing 2 tilt options. Functional cover FC VIOX 205 is also available as an accessory. 
Technical Data:
Speaker Type: 2 Way Active Loudspeaker

Acoustical data:
Usable bandwidth [-10dB] 75 - 21.000 Hz
Frequency Response [-6dB] 80 - 20.000 Hz
Max SPL: 126 dB
HF: 1x 1”, 1.4 v.c.
LF: 2x 5”, 1" v.c
VIO X 205-100 Directivity: 100° x 100°

Amplifier: 400 W RMS Class-D Digipro® G3
Cooling: Convection
Power Supply: Auto-range SMPS

Controller: DSP 28/56 bit
AD/DA Converter 24 bit/48 kHz
Limiter: Peak, RMS, Thermal
Processing: FIR Linear Phase Filters

Signal Input:  
1 x XLR balanced,
1 x RJ45 Link (RDNet),
1x USB (Data Service)
Signal Output:
1x XLR balanced,
1 x RJ45 Link (RDNet)

Power Socket
1x PowerCON TRUE1 In
1x PowerCON TRUE1 Out

1x Rotary Encoder (8x EQ presets)
1x Input Attenuation Rotary Switch
1x On LED
1x Status LED
1x Signal LED
1x Limiter LED

Housing: Wooden Cabinet, Polyurea painting
Handles: 1x (top)
Wedge Angle: Monitor Use 5°
Rigging points: 2x M10 Threaded Nuts (top and bottom)
Width: 150 mm (5.9 in)
Height: 485 mm (19 in)
Depth: 240 mm (9.4 in)
Weight: 7.8 kg (17.2 lbs)
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