Founded in 2000, CEntrance develops, licenses and distributes cutting-edge audio products worldwide. CEntrance is known for its co-development work with audio industry leaders such as Waves, Benchmark, Lavry, and Mackie. Our first product MicPort Pro, the winner of Mac Life Magazine's 2008 Editor's Choice Award is a portable, Class A USB mic preamp that transforms any microphone into a USB mic, offering 24-bit/96kHz performance and a loud headphone output. Its companion product AxePort Pro is the easiest way to connect a guitar or bass to a laptop for portable recording with professional results.

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MicPort Pro™ 2 CentranceCE1839 CEntrance MicPort Pro 2L Audio interface Preamp 48V, Hi-Z, ZLM, 24/192kHz
Varenr:  MicPort Pro™ 2
4 på lager
MixerFace R4R CentranceCE1853 CEntrance MixerFace R4D Recorder Digital recorder / lydkort
Varenr:  MixerFace R4R
1 på lager
116252 CentranceCE1857 CEntrance Portcaster R4D Digital Professional Broadcasting Interface
Varenr:  116252
1 på lager
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