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Dynaudio Pro 18S Aktiv studio subwoofer

500w, 20-230Hz, twin 24cm woofers, DSP

Varenr: DYN-962132
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500 watt amplifier module
2x 24 cm MSP + HYBRID long-throw  woofer     
20-230 Hz frequency range     
Sealed cabinet
Dual opposing driver design
Black Satin lacquer finish   
Parametric EQ
DSP - time alignment
Master/Slave feature for multiple subwoofers
Adjustable Lowpass filter
SAT output with Defeatable Highpass filter
Perfomance maps to match different Dynaudo Studio monitors.

The subwoofer that matches seamlessly with your Dynaudio speakers. S18 uses advanced intelligent DSP technology that tailors its performance to studio monitors from BM, LYD and upwards in our range. Our engineers painstakingly modelled the acoustic characteristics of our most popular Pro monitors and created custom performance maps for each one for the subwoofer – so now, two-way set-ups can instantly become three-way systems. S18's punch is delivered by two of our brandnew MSP+ Hybrid Drive units, which combine our own Magnesium Silicate Polymer material with optimised aluminium and paper construction for two kinds of resonance damping. It's all powered by a high-quality 500W amp.
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