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Artnovion Aries W - Blanc

Box of 4 un, 60x60x6cm

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Diffusion is a prime component of any balanced acoustic treatment. 

Aries Diffuser was designed using various diffusion techniques – inspired from traditional numeric sequence diffusers, it is composed of asymmetrical multi-depth wells, in which specific wells use a folded-depth technique to boost the mid-low diffusion range of the panel.

Whilst the panel itself is only 60mm thick, the extended wells on the diffuser are designed to be effective at 160 Hz and 400 Hz, with a linear diffusion pattern from 700Hz upwards – providing Aries diffuser an unheard-of diffusion capacity for its size. 

The asymmetric wells are arranged in an optimised sequence to prevent lobing when used in larger arrays – in this, in combination with the extended low-range diffusion, make Aries go lower and outperform any other diffuser in its class – a truly unique approach to diffusion techniques, and a clear advance in performance over the traditional QRD design.
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