API 2500+ discrete stereo bus compressor

wih Mix/Blend control

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The API 2500, PlusMore

Since its debut in 2002, the API 2500 has become the ‘go to’ Stereo Bus Compressor for mixing engineers worldwide.

 Offering an exceptionally wide and true stereo image, the 2500 is famous for itssignature tone and analog warmth.In an age of sterile digital sound, the 2500 enhances mixes across virtually all musical genres, from classical and jazz to pop and rock.Not surprisingly, the 2500 has found a home in the live market as well, with a large percentage of tours carrying one or more 2500 Stereo Bus Compressorsfor main, subgroupand monitor mix buses. With the standard for live sound now being digital front of house and monitor consoles, the 2500 has been proven invaluable in providing punch, fat bottom end and warmth.Now, with well over 4,000original 2500 units in service today, API announces the 2500+.While retaining all the functional and sonic characteristics of the original 2500, the 2500+ adds several additional design parameters that have been carefully incorporatedinto the original unit. The result? The same great API sound with an enhanced feature set including:?Expanded Threshold controlof +20db to -20db(from the original +10db to -20db)?New ‘Blend/Mix’ function Featured in the limited production 50thAnniversary Edition, the Mixfunction offersbothcross fader and parallel mix controlof the compressed and uncompressed signals.A full list of features and specifications can be foundon API’s website.“Over the past 18 years, many improvements have been made to the 2500, some small and some larger,” API’sDirector of Engineering Todd Humoranoted.“The 2500+ is an evolutionof the 2500, with the addition of a few key features that our users have had on their wish lists for quite some time!We’re very grateful for the ongoing success of the 2500 and it’s our hope that the new 2500+ will allow for even greater creativityamong its users in the studio, and in the live market.

”ABOUT API (AUTOMATED PROCESSES INC)Established 50years ago, Automated Processes Inc.is the world leader in analog recording gear, producing legendary recording consoles such as the the Vision, Legacy AXS, 2448, 1608-II and THE BOX, as well as its line of analog signal processing equipment. 

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