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Amphion AMP400.8 multikanals forsterker

8 x 400W, XLR inn/Speakon ut

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Johannes Mollø-Christensen 

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+47 23 19 96 02

Ka Yu Tam

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+47 23 19 96 08

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Amphion Amp400.8 immersive forsterker

The Amp400.8 provides an exceptional level of multichannel amplification. It is built on the highly advanced Class-D platform, which offers abundant, fast, controlled, and low distortion power. To reach the needed sonic character and performance, an in-house designed buffer-stage was added to complement the merits of the latest Class-D technology. The buffer stage improves the impedance characteristics and cohesion between the channels, so that speed, control, neutrality, and ultra-low distortion can come across in an emotionally involving manner.


Though Amp400.8 was mainly developed for immersive audio, nothing prevents using it for other multichannel applications as well. As all 8 channels are identical and discreet it can also also be used in a 2-channel environment for driving up to 4 pairs of passive speakers. It will equally drive both 8 ohm and 4 ohm loads, and partners perfectly with all Amphion models. Though Amp400.8 was developed and optimized for Amphion monitors, it provides excellent results with wide range of passive speakers. Neutrik XLR and Speakon connectors offer a convenient and secure way to connect the amplifier to rest of the system.




Teknisk info


- Funksjon & bruk
  • Dolby Atmos
  • 19" rack