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AEA N22 båndmikrofon

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Båndmikrofon med aktiv elektronikk, krever phantom strøm.

EA N22 Studio Ribbon Microphone
The AEA NUVO Series is a range of modern microphones that are rooted in the RCA tradition just like other AEA ribbon microphones, but have been designed to offer a fresh approach of the ribbon transducer focusing on current application demands. The NUVO series represents Wes Dooley’s take on the evolution of the ribbon microphone. All NUVO microphones are designed with the needs of specific applications in mind.
AEA N22 Microphone
The AEA N22 microphone was designed with the singer-songwriter musician in mind. Artists work hard at honing their musical craft for many years, and they have probably spent a considerable sum of money on their instrument. They feel strongly about their personal tone, which they have developed over many hours of practice, so they are willing to invest into a microphone that translates their tone in recording. Nonetheless, they can’t and don’t want to invest into a giant mic locker, but rather need to fulfill all their recording needs with just a few pieces of gear. The new AEA N22 delivers on exactly those key points – providing a great ribbon tone without the need for EQ in most applications, flexibility, and ease of use in home recording setups. Most importantly, the N22 was designed by listening first, and measuring only after experienced musicians and engineers told us the microphone sounded great. At $899 street price it doesn’t break the bank, but delivers a handcrafted, US-made microphone that was built to last throughout a musician’s career. Bridging the gap between vintage and modern, ribbon and condenser, studio and live, the N22 is the perfect companion for musicians and engineers alike.
   Increased upper-midrange to make instruments cut through in a busy mix and to bring out critical sound characteristics of voices and stringed instruments without the need for EQ.
   Reduced proximity effect to allow extreme up-close miking without boominess
   Highly protected ribbon to allow close-up miking without pop-filters, and wind protection live sound use
   Phantom-powered design for optimal performance with a wide range of preamps
   Uses the same 2.35” long Big RibbonTM that AEA microphones have built a reputation on, continuing the RCA legacy
   Sturdy design that is easy to use and that works with third-party clamp mounts
   New custom, German made transformer with exceptional bandwidth, distortion, and consistency performance
   Smaller form factor that is easier to use with lightweight stands and in tight miking situations
   Uncolored, well-behaved Figure-of-8 pattern

Application Examples
Acoustic guitars (6/12-string, banjo, etc.)
   Well-defined tone without the need for EQ
   No excessive bass build-up at close proximity like with classic ribbon mics
   Figure-of-8 pattern works exceptionally well in singer-songwriter applications with live guitar and live vocal performed at the same time.

   Cut through in a busy mix without getting edgy thanks to low-tuned ribbon.
   Great wind protection allows vocal recording without pop filter.
   Reduced proximity effect allows close-up use without excessive bass.

Electric guitars
   Exceptional tone right off the bat without any low-mid build-up even when used right up on the grill of a guitar cab.
   Highly protected ribbon allows very SPL levels.

   Modern tone combining the classic low-mid qualities of a ribbon with great upper mid definition.
   Well balanced for snare drums, toms, hi-hat, and small percussion.
   Figure-of-8 pattern offers exceptional bleed rejection in many applications.

Live Sound
   Sturdy construction and highly protected ribbon that can take a beating.
   Phantom-powered buffer drives long mic lines and gives consistent sound.
   Small footprint makes it easy to position the mic and allows placement in tight setups.
   Reduced proximity effect means that the mic may be used at very close-up distances without excessive bass.
AEA N 22
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