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Enkel internett multikanals transmisjon

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Zero Latency - Great Quality

Moves sound at the speed of light, in a simple way and top-notch quality


ViViD is a service offered by Vivivaldy® in collaboration with DirectOut GmbH to support audio professionals in setting up remote productions using standard internet connections ViViD solutions are designed and optimized for real-time transmission of uncompressed audio up to 192kHz and for remote control of devices

Live performances
Through ViViD artists can play live together listening to one another as if they were on the same stage even when physically located in different cities The sound engineer has the possibility to remotely control the mic gain, the EQ, the mix, and the level of the in-ear monitors at each location

Remote recording
Once a ViViD rack is sent to the artist and connected to the internet, the sound engineer can remotely configure all its parameters and receive the audio feeds for recording

Remote mixing
Audio signals can be remotely monitored, but locally equalized, mixed and summed to decrease the number of transmitted channels and the bandwidth needed for such transmission

The level of transmission reliability can be decided and configured based on the type of application. Audio feeds are transmitted to the Vivivaldy® Cloud Center and then received at the different locations with buffers that can be set to meet the requirements For example, when very low latency is needed for cross-monitoring purposes, lost audio packets are not retransmitted: this generates a few minor glitches which can be perceived by the artists but are negligible and do not interfere with the live performance

On the contrary, when the maximum reliability level is necessary for broadcast and recording applications, it is possible to increase the buffers and activate SRT processes (Secure Reliable Transmission), which allow retransmission of lost audio packets granting the integrity of the transmission This flexibility and the compliance of the audio streams with SMPTE ST2022-7 grant reliable, redundant and sample-accurate transmission

Packages are composed of a hardware portion represented by the ViViD racks and a software portion consisting of Vivivaldy® VPN and cloud services. ViViD racks include a Vivivaldy® router, a PTPi with GPS antenna, and a DirectOut device There is no need for any specific ICT knowledge to install and operate with a ViViD package. ViViD racks are plug&play and are sent to the customer already pre-assembled and configured

It is the technical support included in the initial subscription and provided during the first remote production setup. Additional assistance for the reconfiguration of the system can be provided as well


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