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SMRT BOX 122 x 138 x 80

Varenr: SMRT SB34
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SMRT BOX 122 x 138 x 80 mm

1/4 19" bredde med plass til 3U

SMRT PAN panels represent a new modular concept for high quality terminating of all major signals within the audio, video, computer and telecommunication fields. Cost effective ”off the shelf” solutions for 19” panels in 1U or 3U heights.

Modularity and flexibility are offered by introduction of 1/2 19” and 1/4 19” panels. The panels may be combined both horizontally and vertically by ”splicing units”; respectively SPEX1 (1U); and SPEX3 (3U). Or the 1/2 and 1/4- and the full 19” – wide panels may be used directly with the appropriately sized SMRT BOX.

SMRT PAN is available in a combination of cut-outs for all industry standard connectors. The panels are CNC milled to a high specification from SMRT PAN aluminium extrusions. The panels do have a unique cross section which gives rigidity and allows for a ”slide in” attachment. A cable support ”slide in” is included with pre-milled panels. A dedicated groove – 9 mm height – at the upper part of the front of the panel allows for easy positioning of the supplied 9 mm waterproof legend strip. You will also be able to use the Brother P-TOUCH printer with Windows software to make high quality printed image 9 mm laminated legend strips. The panels are finished in black anodized aluminium. For your convenience, all holes for the fixing of connectors which have a specified dimension, are threaded and the required screws are supplied.

As an example SP1116X (1U, full 19” wide, 16 XLR connectors) has 16 milled cut-outs for XLR connectors (Ø24) and 32 threaded fixing holes (M3), and is supplied with 32 pcs M3 x 6 countersunk, pozidrive black screws. All precision positioned! Engineered specially for the busy user’s convenience.

The SMRT BOX system has 3 basic building blocks. They may be used as individual boxes or assembled as multiple-chamber boxes with good screening between chambers for separate applications such as audio, video, digital, RF and 240 V outlets. All boxes have 3U height. The width is either a full 19”, a 1/2 19” or a 1/4 19”. The depth is 80 mm.

Each box is constructed of 1.5 mm steel, manufactured by CNC punching to tightly controlled specifications and has a high scratch resistant finish with a powder coating in semi gloss anthracite grey (RAL 7016). Each box has front flanges with 2 x 6 M6 threaded holes, to the 19” EIA standard spacing. In addition each box has the following numbers of pre-punched holes, for easy snap-out with a screwdriver. PG16 pre-punch equals Ø22 mm; PG21 equals Ø28 mm.

Ø5 mm pre-punches are intended for fixing the boxes to a wall, etc – or combining and fixing the boxes together for multiple-chamber/cluster combinations.

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