URSA - Circular MiniMount 6060 White

MiniMounts measure 15mm in diameter.

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Their round shape makes them perfect mounts for rigging on the skin on the chest or onto the underside of the costume or undergarments.

Quick & Easy to wind protect using URSA Sticky Circles and Fur Circles.

Circular MiniMounts are moulded from hardened plastic. They won’t snap under pressure or deform under heat.

Each Circular MiniMount is hand finished to get the smoothest possible surface. This helps fabrics glide over the mount without creating friction and noise.

Each pack comes with 5 free MiniMount Stickies. These stickies measure 11x 22mm and are designed specifically for MiniMounts and Circular MiniMounts.

Our MiniMount Stickies are hypoallergenic and safe to use against skin. They also do not leave residue if used on costumes and delicate fabrics.

MiniMounts measure 15mm in diameter.

The DPA 6060 model also fits a DPA 6061.

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